Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting used to it

In the Nov. 23 Sunday News, columnist Gil Smart charges that some conservative Republicans rationalize that the Democrats won the August 4th election because "Obama voters are stoopid!"

In the same issue, the editorial headlines "An early voting analysis shows that the home-rule charter was torpedoed by the leadership of both Republicans (anti) and Democrats (neutral)." It goes on to rant "We said after the election that we were disappointed in the GOP's opposition to home rule, which tended toward scare tactics rather than substantive issues, and with Democrats' failure to work for an opportunity to improve the structure and function of Lancaster County government." See, those of us who opposed Home Rule on the basis of its terms are "stoopid"!

We at NewsLanc are having trouble getting over six members of the Board of Trustees of the Lancaster Public Library spending $600,000 on plans and studies and turning down a million dollars in state and matching grants rather than proceed with the renovation of the building for fear of not being able to raise $1.3 more, despite a feasibility study indicating $2.5 in support and without even soliciting grants for the project. We think those six members were "stoopid" also.

I guess we all need to lick our wounds and make a point to get used to it, and just move on with our important work. Otherwise, we will be "stoopid."