Thursday, November 13, 2008

Given opportunity to explain, Library Board members are silent

In the interest of allowing all parties to be heard, NewsLanc sent a questionnaire to board members of the Lancaster Public Library asking them to explain and comment upon their position pertaining to the sudden cancellation of the renovation of the downtown library, thus forfeiting a million dollars in a state and matching grant and after spending $600,000 on plans and studies.

Reporter Chris Hart-Nibbirg made a second request, stating "I was at the last meeting and observed the tension in the room. But I am hopeful that your professionalism and sense of civic responsibility will override personal animus and persuade you to answer the questions and explain why and how you made your decision on the project's future."

To date, only the board's president at the time has responded.

The deadline will be extended through the weekend and then NewsLanc will publish a summary of responses received.