Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Library trustees nominate officers; book sale to move

The contentiousness and rancor exposed at the October meeting meeting of the Lancaster Public Library Board of Trustees was absent at the November.

At last month's meeting, President Karen Haley Field proposed the library move ahead with the renovation of the existing building rather than delay both renovation and expansion to the indefinite future. The motion was rejected by a vote of 6 - 2. Field stepped down as president while remaining treasurer.

(Not proceeding with the $2.3 project meant forfeiting a million dollars in State and a matching grant after having invested about $600,000 in plans and studies.)

The November meeting was chaired by board Vice President Gary Weaver.

Debra Rosser-Hogben gave the Executive Director's report, and indicated the board would be reviewing its "strategic planning" at the first of the new year.

It was announced that the annual book sale that is held at Overlook Park would be moving to the city. This is in conjunction with the Mayor's Office of Special Events (M.O.O.S.E). The event will likely be held in or near the City, possibly at F & M's Alumni Center on June 8,9,10 of next year.

Director of Development Paul Landry reported the Library has received almost all of the library's normal financial donations, and noted the board was only $23,000 from last year's total with December being the highest yield for donations.

A motion was made to accept the new slate of nominated officers. They are: John McGrann, President; Gary Weaver, Vice President; and Karen Haley Field, Treasurer. This motion was approved by the board by unanimous vote.

McGrann announced that the board was looking at bringing on "two or three" Hispanic board members and was in the process of finalizing the names. Four or five are under consideration.

As for the now moribund renovation/addition project, Weaver said, "We need to establish a new timeline. It does sound like it will be at least a year." The board adjourned for executive session.