Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sore losers

The Intelligencer Journal opens its Nov. 6 editorial by huffing "The politics of negativity and misrepresentation worked to kill the proposed home-rule charter." In other words, the 60% of the voters who voted against it were a bunch of deluded fools.

We beg to differ. NewsLanc objected to the Charter on two major accounts: 1) It reduced the participation of the minority party to one in five instead of one in three. 2) Once appointed, the County Executive became a virtual Czar.

The Intell further implies a change was warranted because the current form of government "has been in place for more than 300 years." Well, the United States Constitution has been in place for about 217 years. Nevertheless, we would like to keep it.

We do agree with the Intell that we all owe the members of the Government Study Commission a huge debt of gratitude. Whatever position they took, they provided important information and views and thus prepared the public to make a reasonably informed decision.