Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Commissioners approve funding for incinerator study

At their Wednesday meeting, the commissioners approved a grant application to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for funding to conduct a study to determine whether a fourth boiler should be added to the county's incinerator in Conoy Township.

Thomas Adams, Recycling Manager with the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, said that a new boiler could have a capacity up to 50% higher than the current boilers (400 ton current vs. 600 ton new).

He said the study would help determine the exact benefits and logistics of such a move.

The study will cost $95,740, 80% of which is state funding with a 20% local match.

Also, Wednesday, James Cowhey, the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission repeated that the $12 million renovations to the Lancaster Amtrak station are scheduled to begin "by Spring."

And Suan Hauer, Administrator of the Library System of Lancaster County asked the Commissioners to reconsider their $150,000 funding cut for the library system.

She suggested that the cut comes at a bad time and that the libraries will find a way to make up the funding should the commissioners find themselves willing to reinstate the funding.

She and other library officials will argue their case at a budget work session on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. on the fifth floor of the county courthouse.