Sunday, December 14, 2008

Commissioners: During recessions, thrift is waste!

Last month, a public spirited citizen, trained as an economist and a very successful businessman, delivered three copies of John Maynard Keynes "The General Theory of Economics" to the commissioners. Perhaps the point was too subtle, but the message was, according to Keynes, that cutting the budget during a recession is the worst possible thing that government can do!

The needs of the community are never greater than during hard times.

During times of large unemployment of people and under utilization of capital, government deficit spending is imperative and, since it utilizes idle resources, generates productivity that otherwise would be lost. It is not wasteful; it is thrifty!

There is a greater need for county services than during ordinary years.

Furthermore, balancing the budget during a sharp recession puts people out of work and thus adds to the adverse economic conditions.

Who really cares if the county runs a million dollar deficit in 2009 and again in 2010? That only amounts to $20 per countian each year. Moreover, if the commissioners continue to follow Keynes' advice, upon recovery they will raise taxes a little bit to pay off the debt.

Dennis Stuckey, Scott Martin, Craig Lehman: Follow your brains and your hearts and stop this "matcho" thing about cutting costs!