Saturday, December 6, 2008

Intell / New Era conceal TRRAAC's objections

The combined Dec. 6 edition headlines "$10M for rail yard move; New site's opponents slam Rendell's grant"

It would appear that either reporter Dave Pidgeon or the editor purposefully deleted reference to the principle TRRAAC objection: There has yet to occur a study by the authorities of alternate locations that may better serve the public's interest.

According to Bill Cluck, attorney for TRRAAC, Dave Pidgeon called him yesterday evening and Cluck "emphasized the need for independent study."

Instead, the article solely set forth Cluck's responses to questions from the reporter, the less persuasive NIMBY objections (Not in my back yard) with reference to the impact of the railyard on neighborhood property values and health.

NewsLanc is very disappointed to see the Lancaster Newspaper's reverting to the cronyism of recent years, whereby they spin the news to favor Franklin & Marshall, Fulton Bank, General Hospital, and Dale High. It seems that when the chips are down, they revert to form.