Thursday, December 4, 2008

LETTER: Library System head earns more than mayor

I pulled the "Library System of Lancaster County" tax returns for the years '05, 06 and '07.

I compared the salary of Susan Hauer and discovered that her salary increased 12.7% from '05 to '07.

Is this what the Library System considers to be 'frugal'? At a 2007 salary of $87,797 she is making more than our state senators, all county row officers and all the county commissioners. Hauer makes $10,000 more than Mayor of Lancaster! Rick Gray has 417 (down from 439 I might add!) employees She has 23 employees and a relatively small responsibility and yet she thinks she deserves more?!

The bottom-line is that the Library System is out of control and is giving the poor libraries a black-eye with big-auto-maker-CEO style of begging for money.