Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LETTER: Why newspapers are dying

"I wonder if Lancaster Newspapers is not already in default mode, already assuming that its readers are getting the important news from other sources.

"The front page of today's New Era has a huge story -- 'Extra! Extra! Read all about it, folks!' -- about people who wear shorts year-round. I am relieved that Cindy Stauffer's byline lists her as a staff writer, because if this is the best that the New Era could come up with for their front and center news today, it would be troubling to think that Ms. Stauffer thinks of herself as an investigative reporter.

"As for 'Nation & World' coverage, one-third of the page is ads. There is no coverage of Caley Anthony, no coverage of the N.Y. Senate seat, and only a slim short piece making reference to Illinois Gov. Blagojovich.

"Looks like if we want any real national or international news, we'd better be online, watching cable new, or buying a Big City Paper.

"And you wonder why newspapers are dying???"