Thursday, December 25, 2008

Debate re CC common sales and marketing


"I have been warning the convention center authority that Interstate having a contract with the authority and the PSP can't serve both well since the authority is EXPECTING a deficit.

"Interstate will be tempted to PUSH expenses to the public side of the project and lower expenses to the PRIVATE side of the project. If it's toilet paper or wine, the public's property could be shifted to the hotel side any time of the day or night. There's nothing to stop it and frankly all the financial reward to do just that."


The position above reminds us of the charge of conflict of interest leveled by convention center sponsors against PKF Consultants when they performed the 2006 feasibility study. We believe that institutions such as PKF and Interstate Hotels and Resorts are far too large and have too much at stake to compromise their standards to placate local interests.

Also the current Convention Center Board under Art Morris and with some exceptionally knowledgeable and devoted members will serve the public, not special interests.

Based on our experience in the hospitality industry, we believe that S. Dale High was correct in insisting that there be a common sales and marketing entity for both the convention center and the Marriott hotel.