Sunday, January 25, 2009

EDITORIAL: Job opening ignored

Here is an excerpt from a letter from a friend who is a well published author concerning the state of the print media these days:

"My agent has been trying to place a magazine article for the last 90 days without success. The publishing industry -- already in dire straits because of the Internet -- has collapsed because of the economy. Hundreds of writers have been fired from the daily papers and news weeklies and now we're all competing for shrinking print space."

Stock prices on all print, TV and radio organizations have plummeted, often by over 90%.

Newspapers are going bankrupt or being gobbled up and stripped down to skeletal form.

Journalists are being laid off left and right.

The fate of the New Era may hang by a thread.

And yet not one Lancaster journalist has responded even off the record to a well paying, likely long term position with a good chance for advancement with the well backed and public spirited

They need only call our publisher at 940-1221 to explore matters. (We keep far more secrets than we print articles.)

Go figure!