Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gil Smart vs. Abigail Adams

In his Jan. 25th Sunday News column, Gil challenges Abigail for youthful hubris!

Readers are accustomed to chuckle along with editor and father Marv Adams about the witty and at times naive comments of twelve year old Abigail. But seldom are we so similarly amused by Gil Smart as in his "Point no fingers but in the mirror."

Smart has an unnamed seven year old son - well, he is referred to as the "boy" and the "kid." Although not getting around to naming the youngster, Smart has become an expert in child rearing, especially on how to treat teenagers.

He makes the sound point "The Kid doesn't watch TV unsupervised." But then he harrumphs "When he gets older, he won't be allowed to sit in his room with the door closed and surf the Web without anyone watching."

Gil, not only will your teenage son sit in his room, probably with the door closed and locked, but he will be doing more than surfing the Web. So forget about monitoring his ever moment.

Part of parenting is instilling good values, in large part by example. But another important aspect is gradually letting go, year after year. (Yes they do get to walk to school alone. Yes they do get to borrow the car.)

Prohibition doesn't work. Being a good role model usually does.

One more sly comment: Given enough time we all "become a people who no longer respond like Pavlov's dog to sexual content." But that is why we have Viegra!

(Editor's note: Written by a 71 year old with progeny from ages 10 to 42, and thus a great expert on all things.)