Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jon Mitchell's description of mission reassuring

Newly appointed School District of Lancaster Athletic Director Jon Mitchell responded to a series of questions from as follows:

"I am looking forward to the challenges facing me as the new athletic director. I am hopeful that I can have a positive influence on all sports programs within the district. I am a firm believer that coaches are simply teachers; in the same way that high school athletics are simply an extension of the educational process. Just as I expect teachers to be examples of professionalism and life-long learners, so too do I expect coaches to treat their jobs as professionals, constantly growing and improving (as life-long learners).,,

"I did play basketball and baseball as a youngster, but focused on two varsity sports from my tenth grade year until I graduated. I am a second generation coach (my 77 year-old father just accepted his most recent coaching position) and have appreciation for all sports. I grew up watching my father coach baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, and softball, at various times in his career (obviously, before coaches started to specialize)...

"My primary goals are to increase participation in all sports, use those sports to teach positive life skills and character traits, and build competitive programs that Lancaster will be proud to call their own. This will be quite the undertaking!..

"While I do not have a wife, or children of my own, my athletes continue to be my local family. My family just grew considerably. While this may sound cliche', it is the truth nonetheless. I cannot tell you how many baby showers, weddings, holiday celebrations, etc. that I attend with my 'extended family'.

"Other than competitive sports, my interest is fishing. I love to spend days on the river....either wading, in my john boat, or in my kayak. I also enjoy landscaping...although as a city resident, I don't have much land!"