Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mayor Gray take note: No job preference for city folk

As a follow up to Mayor Rick Gray's suggestion that job applications from city residents should receive preferential treatment, NewsLanc posed the following question to the Convention Center Authority: Is it correct that City residents will receive preference for CC hiring?

Mark Moosic, Convention Center Manager responded as follows: "This statement is not correct. As the operator of the integrated facility, Interstate Hotels and Resorts is responsible for attracting, hiring and retaining the most qualified associates to be employed at the Lancaster County Convention Center and Marriott Lancaster facility. In early March, we will begin the hiring process for the majority of our associates. All will be welcome to apply and we will select the best qualified associates for each position. No preference to City residence will be given.

"Some confusion may be coming from our partnership with the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County’s Ready-2-Work program. CareerLink aids job seekers to develop and/or polish up on desired skills that employers are looking for. They also have programs to help job seekers recognize and develop skills they may not have been aware they possessed. Many companies throughout Lancaster County recognize the benefits of the CareerLink programs and give consideration to job seekers who have participated in these programs.

"We have made a commitment to anyone who exhibits the perseverance to complete the Ready-2-Work program and receives their Ready-2-Work certificate, that we will guarantee that person an interview for the position of their choice with the manager responsible for hiring for that department. We are very clear in saying that this doesn’t guarantee them a job. Moreover, the Ready-2-Work program is not required for an interview or to be employed by the facility."