Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ongoing investigation of early Convention Center spending

Over the course of 2008 a journalist and a professional investigator, on behalf of NewsLanc, spent hundreds of hours reviewing Convention Center Authority expenditures of almost $20 million that proceeded commencement of construction. They also conducted interviews.

Authority Chair Art Morris and the staff were co-operative in providing records requested under the "Pennsylvania Right To Know" law.

A framework was created that will facilitate further investigations by parties and authorities.

Although no "smoking gun" has yet been found, there are signs of possible fraud and malfeasance, misrepresentations, disingenuousness, ineptitude, mismanagement, and partiality to Penn Square Partners at the expense of the public.

Law enforcement authorities need to become involved to conduct under oath interviews of key figures. Nevertheless, the NewsLanc’s research will continue and be made available.

NewsLanc will serialize its findings over a minimum of six monthly reports commencing this month.