Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reporter wanted ad at Columbia School of Journalism

Advertised position title: Reporter

News Organization Name (required):

Job Location: Lancaster, PA

Medium: Internet supplemented with newsletter and radio spots

Job Type: Full-time, minimum $40,00 plus benefits.

The position initially is as a reporter and feature writer but with the potential of becoming editor and ultimately publisher.

A privately own substantial real estate company has developed in order to provide an alternate source of news and commentary for Lancaster County residents. It also serves as a prototype for a for profit chain of such alternate web sites for cities such as Harrisburg, Reading and York, and conceivably someday nation wide.

The challenge is whether current on and off line readership of 4000 / 5000 per week can be increased to over 20,000, thus making the venture profitable. There is a potential for a weekly or monthly tabloid.

Candidate should have a strong social conscience, a flare for political activism, belief in the local media potential of the Internet, and a desire to take the lead for what could (but need not) become a highly profitable media chain. Although the publisher is 71 years of age, he has a long history of developing and operating apartment complexes and hotel chains, producing motion pictures, and as a national and international political activist.

Depending upon experience and aptitude, the position offers a minimum of $40,000 plus benefits.

Interested parties should contact publisher Robert Edwin Field at NewsLanc, 1377-C Spencer Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603 Cell: 717-940-1221 Office: 717-393-0463

717-940-1221 (Cell) 717-393-0463 x 211 (office)

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