Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday News sheds light on Judge Bucher vs. Library

Its lead Jan. 11th article "Contested will is one for books; Retired county judge challenges late son's $500,000-$900,000 bequest to Lancaster Public Library; state Attorney General's office wants the filing attorney - judge's son-in-law off the case" aptly fills in the detail of a story that NewsLanc broke a week earlier on Jan. 4th.

NewsLanc was hesitant about reporting further on the matter than court records indicated due to the potential conflict of interest of Karen Haley Field, our publisher's wife, being a library board member and administratix for the Estate.

The Sunday News article notes that former Judge Wilson Bucher is now 88 years of age and was not available for interview.

Little wonder that the office of the State Attorney has intervened in the case and wants Bucher's son-in-law Steven R. Blair disqualified as Bucher's attorney since he may be called as a witness. Is Blair exploiting the good name of his aged father-in-law by bringing the suit in Judge Bucher's rather than Blair's name, then seeking to represent the suit, to be witness in the suit, and ultimately to be the beneficiary of the suit?

Might it be that Blair is publicly demonstrating the very characteristics that the deceased Thomas Bucher found so objectionable?

Rather than suffering from an "insane delusion", it would appear that Thomas Bucher may have had good cause.