Monday, January 12, 2009

LETTER: A testimonal for Tom Bucher

"Tom Bucher was a quiet, polite, funny, sweet man. I don't believe for a minute that he was all the 'delusional' things that Mr. Blair states he was, since the late '80. How did he maintain the same job in the courts system all these years. You cannot expect anyone who new him and cared for him and talked to him every single day, to believe this line of crap Mr. Blair is stating just to get the $$$$. Maybe there was a reason that some years ago, Mr. Bucher said he didn't' trust his brother in-law, look how Mr. Blair, the brother in law is acting.

"Tom should be remembered for all the great memories and stories, and knowledge he gave to all who knew him. He was loved and cared for by many more than his family ever knew... I never heard too much of the family until now.....

"We miss and care to Tom deeply. His death was a loss to many more than I think even he realized.

"PS Tom died the same week he was to retire, not "weeks".
This rant is not for anyone in particular, it's to give another side, a respectable side, to a partial story of Tom's life."