Friday, January 16, 2009

Try to find a copy when you need one

NewsLanc received the following message in reference to the series on the Convention Center Authority:

"Do you really think the establishment will investigate legally the matter of corruption that you have started to unearth?"

We cannot expect the Lancaster Newspapers to investigate itself.

The power of the sponsors make the matter too politically risky for the District Attorney and probably even the state Attorney General.

Although interest has been expressed, federal law enforcement officials, including the FBI, have to spend most of their resources on 'fighting terrorism' and vetting thousands of candidates for positions in the Obama administration.

Inquiries made to a prominent regional newspapers brought back the mournful message that extreme budget cuts have all but eliminated funding for investigations.

In short, the system of checks and balances of but a decade ago no longer exists. What we do have now, but cannot fully take its place, are Internet blogs that perform their own investigation and blow the whistle on wrong doings. But this is a weak substitute.

God help America!