Thursday, February 26, 2009

Current LCCCA committed to transparency

At the Feb. 26th monthly public Lancaster County Convention Center Authority meeting, a modest public request was honored by the Board.

Randolph Carney, a city resident, noted that, according to the LCCCA website, the project current value stands at $174.4 million. However, Carney observed, the actual project cost has fluctuated over the course of the past year. Being that "well over fifty percent" of the cost of the hotel and convention center is comprised of tax-payer dollars, Carney asserted that it is the duty of the LCCCA to present the public with accurate and accessible figures. Carney later told NewsLanc that "The convention center, of course, is 100% taxpayer dollars."

Chairman Art Morris acknowledged that the numbers posted on the website have not been updated since last year's audit. Secretary Kevin Fry committed to doing all he can to ensure that the data provided online is appropriately updated.