Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Infrastructure Plan to be Presented Tomorrow

by Cliff B. Lewis

A new Green Infrastructure Element in the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan will be presented tommorow for final affirmation at the Lancaster County Commissioners' weekly meeting.

The new initiative, known as Greenscapes, will serve as a replacement and expansion upon a similar Lancaster open space plan from 1992. Greenscapes will provide the county with guidance from a variety of avenues — from planning to public events — with the purpose of promoting environmentally considerate growth in Lancaster County.

Tomorrow's meeting will be held at 150 N Queen, in Room 701, beginning at 9:15 am. The event is open to the public and will feature a formal presentation of Greenscapes, including a visual presentation of the plan’s priorities and components.

All who value the clean and responsible growth of Lancaster County should be encouraged to lend their presence and voice to this meeting.

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