Sunday, February 22, 2009


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The Lancaster County Convention Center Authority requests proposals for works of art to be installed in the new Lancaster County Convention Center; situated in downtown Lancaster. The Lancaster County Convention Center features over 70,000 square feet of flexible meeting space; anchored by the 46,000 sq. ft. Freedom Hall. The facility includes two grand ballrooms and twelve meeting and boardrooms. The facility is integrates with the luxurious Lancaster Marriott Hotel. An Artwork Advisory Committee (AAC) has been selected to pre-qualify, review and recommend art projects to be displayed permanently and by exhibition in the public spaces of the Lancaster County Convention Center to the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority (LCCCA).


Proposals will be considered for artwork, including but not limited to paintings, photographs, textiles, and electronic media. There are no restrictions as to content, but artwork that connects to Lancaster County and the City of Lancaster’s rich heritage will be preferred.
If selected, it is agreed that the artwork acquired for the Lancaster County Convention Center will become the property of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority. All copyright of the image, although a work for hire, will be shared by the Authority and the artist, each to use as they see fit. The schedule for delivery is contingent upon the Authority’s project schedule and may be changed at any time.

All proposals should;

 Consider the site/location creatively.
 Respect existing structural and non-structural site elements, including wall treatments, floor
and ceiling finishes, light and shadow, etc.
 Be designed for durability and low-maintenance.
 Include a plan for lighting, incorporating natural daytime lighting and artificial light for
 Consider scale of the artwork.
 Delivery and installation deadlines must be met.
Request for Proposals (RFP) page 2

This opportunity for artwork installation will be for the specific areas listed below. Floor plans with locations are included within this document. Additional floor plans and art location photos are available on the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority website; Updated RFP information will also be posted on the site.

Area Location Qty Dimensions Budget (ea)
Vine Street Lobby Wall A 5 80'L x30'W x2.5'd $3,000.00
Vine Street Lobby Wall B 5 Image - 20" X 20" $1,000.00
Vine Street Lobby Wall C 1 Framed - 30" X 30" W $4,500.00
Queen St
– Pre-function Wall A 1 Image - 72" X 72"
Framed - 74" X 74" $12,500.00
Ballroom 'A' Level Wall A 3 48” X 48” $3,000.00
Ballroom 'A' Level Wall D 1 Image - 52" H X 42" W
Framed - 60" H X 50" W $4,500.00
Ballroom 'A' Level Wall E 1 Image - 60" H X 54" W
Framed - 64" H X 58" W $3,000.00
Ballroom 'A' Level Wall F 1 Image - 72" H X 108" W
Framed - 74" H X 112” W $16,000.00
Ballroom 'A' Level Wall G 1 Image - 72" H X 108" W
Framed - 74" H X 112” W $16,000.00
Ballroom 'B’ Level Wall A 3 48" H X 48"W $3,000.00
Ballroom 'B’ Level Wall B 3 Image - 14" H X 11" W
Framed 30" H X 27" W $600.00
Ballroom 'B’ Level Wall C 2 Image - 96" H X 60" W
Framed 98" H X 62" W $8,000.00
Meeting Room Levels
- foyer Wall A 3 48" H X 48" W $3,000.00

The maximum art budget amount for this phase of the project is inclusive of all costs for artists, materials, building modifications, and installation; budget is reflected in the chart above and is for any and all commissions for this project.

Any artist resident in Pennsylvania is eligible to submit a proposal.

Proposals are due by March 2, 2009; 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time. The award will be announced by April 1st, 2009. Proposals which can result in delivery and installation of the artwork before April 18, 2009 will be preferred. Schedule is subject to change with or without notice.

Interested parties should visit for additional information concerning submittals.