Thursday, February 5, 2009 on the Lancaster scene

Christiaan Hart-Nibbrig is the editor and publisher of a new local entertainment web site at

Many will recall that he was the co-publisher with Ron Harper of the ill fated weekly tabloid, The Lancaster Post. But before then Hart-Nibbrig was the founding editor of

Two issues were cause for ongoing discussion with Publisher Robert Edwin Field. ("Edwin" is to protect the reputation of Bob Fields who also is in the real estate business.)

The first was whether it should be Hart Nibbrig without the hyphen which Chris asserted or Hart-Nibbrig with the hyphen which Robert maintained. A couple of years later Chris discovered his birth certificate showed Hart-Nibbrig. So the old guy felt vindicated.

The other issue was whether opportunity lay in a local weekly tabloid similar to the one Hart-Nibbrig had published elsewhere earlier in his career, or a pure web site, possibly branching out to other Central Pennsylvania cities at a later date. The matter was never fully put to the test because the Post was under funded and, though Hart-Nibbrig did a brilliant job with the features, the news content was lacking.

NewsLanc welcomes LancasterZcene. Although there are plans to be announced soon to add local cultural and entertainment features to NewsLanc as well as to strengthen reporting, Zcene will make informative and fun reading.