Sunday, March 29, 2009

EDITORIAL: Naivete or hypocrisy, or both?

The Sunday News "Perspective Section" rails against greed and privilege on the national level (Gil Smart: "Too big to suffer the consequences") and corruption on the state level (Editorial: "The State for Scandal.")

What is missing is any censorship of local practices, as though Lancaster has remained pristine during an era that was recently aptly described as notable for the "Incredible greed and dishonesty of the ruling class of America."

The entire history of the Convention Center Project scam is proof, as is methodically being established by the series in NewsLanc. And the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. played a pivotal role and endeavored to profit from it.

Lancaster citizenry awaits the day that newspaper management will make a public apology for years of disinformation and propaganda (and possibly worse!) But first the executive floor will need to be cleaned out.