Thursday, March 26, 2009

LETTER; Why didn't High let everyone know?

"At the LCCCA Finance Committee meeting this past Monday evening, there was a discussion about moving the LCCCA offices a few weeks after the hotel and convention center opened for business on April 21. It is obvious that at least 36 hours before this announcement the LCCCA leadership had no idea this delay was coming.

"At the LCCCA PR, Marketing, and Hospitality committee meeting on Thursday, March 19, Josh Nowak of Interstate Hotels and Resorts presented his usual report, with no mention of the possibility of a delay. It is possible that IHR didn't know about this delay in advance, either.

"There is a video on Lancaster Online of Tom Smithgall from High stating that 'substantial completion' should still occur in mid-April, as previously scheduled. The original plan was for the facility to open a week after 'substantial completion', now it will take a month. What changed?

"I wonder how long it has been since general contractor High knew that more than a week would be needed to wrap up the project. I have trouble believing that an experienced contractor like High would not have knownmonths ago that this extra time would be needed. Why didn't High let everyone know that this could happen?

"Now the hotel and convention center will be opening with a damaged reputation of its own creation; not the fault of the LCCCA or of IHR, but by the very same corporation which has already profited the most from thisproject."