Sunday, April 5, 2009

Editorial: We don't mean to bore you

NewsLanc believes that the incredible greed and dishonesty by business leaders throughout our nation which triggered the current severe recession also occurred in Lancaster over the past decade.

It's culmination was an almost $200 million Convention Center Project without a single supportive Market or Feasibility Study and, resulting from their opposition to the Project, a district attorney witch hunt of conscientious former county commissioners.

The deceptions could not have occurred without the past connivance and disingenuous reporting of the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., a principal in the Convention Center Project.

The scam was so duplicitous and so shocking that only an extended NewsLanc series examining its various aspects can convincing tell the full story. The story is yet only about one-third reported in our series. The ultimate issue is whether we suffered from predatory business practices or a criminal conspiracy. And certainly even more will be learned in years to come.

The costs to date in the form of poor city planning, potential higher City and County taxes, and displaced worthier projects are staggering. If the Lancaster public doesn't look itself in its face, it will again be victimized.