Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amtrak: Station parking to shrink. Trolley cars anticipated

Following is a response from Karina Romero, Manager of Media Relations for Amtrak, to an inquiry from NewsLanc.com:

  • Amtrak owns the parking lot at the Lancaster station but has contracted out the operation of it to Parc More

  • Current expansion plan will take the number of spaces from 169 to 300, almost doubling the size of the lot – we are maximizing the available space

  • Construction will take approximately 2 years and during that time available parking will be limited to allow for construction equipment

  • Other transportation options to/from the station include:
    • 2 taxi services, Friendly Cab & Yellow Cab – both have taxis parked at the station, awaiting the arrival of passengers (used to be an on call service)
    • Red Rose Transit – local transit system – makes stops around town including stops at the station and numerous other parking lots and garages

  • Long term plans include the possibility of a street car system which would travel between the train station and the convention center, making local stops but this option is years away – we do have a representative on the committee considering this project