Tuesday, January 22, 2008

EDITORIAL: Message to Commissioners: What's the rush?

In light of county appointee Tom LeCrone's decision to resign from the convention center authority board effective February 13, 2008, NewsLanc suggests that you as County Commissioners go through the same interview process used by your predecessors in selecting a replacement. That earlier process was widely viewed as fair, thorough, and impartial.

Also, it would seem imprudent for a new board member to be named mere days before his or her first meeting, a critical meeting at which the board's officers will be selected. Typically, decisions are made by the board on the basis of business conducted earlier that month. Stepping in at so late in the month at such a critical time, when he or she has not attended the committee meetings for that same month, would not allow enough time to 'get up to speed.'

Mr. LeCrone has shown himself to be an exemplary member of the board, has given Feb. 13th as his resignation date, and he is 'up to speed' on the board's business -- why rush to replace him?