Friday, February 29, 2008

LETTER: Newspaper's Coverage of Authority Meetings Lacking

Dave Pidgeon from the Intelligencer Journal was at the LCCCA board meeting last night (Feb. 28th). This was the first board meeting he had attended in quite a few months.

I've noticed that Lancaster Newspapers' coverage of LCCCA meetings has been lacking for quite a while.

I wonder if NewsLanc's prompt and thorough reporting about the LCCCA's activities has prompted the Lancaster Newspapers to belatedly take action?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Intell published an article on the meeting but, typical of the newspaper's biased reporting on matters pertaining to the financial interests of its publisher, failed to mention that Art Morris and Kevin Frey will be meeting with Penn Square Partners to discuss the Partners' controversial claim to half of Naming Rights proceeds. See article below.