Sunday, March 30, 2008

Can F & M Keep Its President's Promise re School Lane Hills?

An Intelligencer Journal article of March 25 headed "F & M sheds light on rail plan" reports: '[John] Fry also hoped to quell 'unfounded' rumors that Wilson Drive will be extended across Baker Field to Harrisburg Pike. 'We have no plans at all nor would we even consider, extending Wilson Drive.'"

Such a promise by the current president of F & M is undoubtedly sincere but, as is indicated in a Letter entitled "Challenges Veracity of F & M letter to Intell / New Era", it will be Manheim Township, and not F & M, that would make that decision.

School Lane Hills lies mostly in Lancaster Township, so its residents will have little sway. And street stubs for Wilson Drive and another street already connect to the southern Baker Field boundary line.