Sunday, March 30, 2008

LETTER: Rotary / Media Dropped Ball

Other than NewsLanc, the media did not show up at last week's Rotary Club meeting to hear the other side of the Hazelton story. I think it is a real travesty considering they had devoted many front page stories, editorials and press from all three papers that had previously attended, as well as coverage on three TV stations.

When we find that the facts accepted in federal court and provided by Hazelton are in total contradiction to what Mayor Barletta stated, one asks "Don't you like to identify liars? Or is it okay for the Lancaster Press to print information that is untrue; not just differing opinions, but wrong factually?"

Editor's note: We wonder if this lapse in coverage was in response to the local Rotary Club barring media except by invitation. We at NewsLanc deeply regret that so educational and important an event as the address by Vic Walczak, the Legal Director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, went otherwise unreported. Hopefully, Rotary's board will re-think its exclusionary policy and open its weekly meetings to all media.