Monday, April 7, 2008

LETTER: Authority Executive Director Overpaid?

Here's my question – and I am totally serious.

What in the world is this guy going to do? Here we are paying this guy $400 per day when:

– There is No convention center for almost two years
– ALL work is contracted out
– There are two other employees (one just left but I'm sure they will replace her)

Absolutely crazy.

Additionally – isn't it great all the JOBS the convention center is giving to the people of Lancaster – or NOT! There's no one that we could get to be this super-duper-pencil-pusher-glad-hander that's from Lancaster?!?!? I am betting that we could have found someone that would work for say $300 a day or maybe even $200 a day. AFTER ALL - WHAT DOES THE GUY DO?!?!?

Editor's note: We do not object to the amount of pay considering Kevin Molloy's experience in opening the Erie Convention Center and hoping that he is very competent. This is a critical stage whereby the Authority must deal with many complicated and demanding challenges of the past, currently and for the future. We hope that Molloy will appreciate that he is working for the Authority (and thus the public) and will stand up to Penn Square Partners rather than being co-opted by them and their cronies in the Power Elite.