Monday, April 7, 2008

LETTER: Strong Executive Director Important

Kevin Molloy was only a third-tier manager in Erie. He probably sees "Executive Director" as a career move, which will look good on his resume.

The previous "Executive Director" and "Chairman" left the incumbent board and staff with a very-poorly planned budget and path forward. Art Morris has repeatedly taken a nearly-impossible situation and made it work within unreasonable constraints.

As the inevitable cost overruns and delays (and resulting conflicts) come to fruition, it will take a strong "Executive Director" to complete the project and bring it on-line (perhaps more than Art Morris could handle by himself) – especially considering the unreasonable constraints placed on the LCCCA by its predecessors. I suspect Mr. Molloy will be VERY busy well into 2009.

After that, there is NO need for a highly-paid "Executive Director." Interstate Hotels and Resorts – the hand-picked agent of S. Dale High – has exclusive control over the marketing and operation of the convention center. Once the convention center is in full operation, the LCCCA could cease to exist, and it would make no difference whatsoever in the operation of the facility.

I suspect Mr. Molloy will move on to greener pastures before the end of 2009.