Thursday, May 8, 2008

Progress Continues at Convention Center Site

At a Facilities Programming Committee meeting of the Convention Center Authority, Thursday evening, the Construction Manager, Tim Sullivan, reported on recent progress at the site.

Among recent accomplishments, an electrical vault has been installed on Christian Street, a debris shield has been installed at King Street, the painting of the convention entry ceiling is underway, the first pour of the eleventh floor is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 9, and the steel support structures for the Watt & Shand facade are beginning to be removed, according to Sullivan.

Sullivan said that approximately $45 million, or 45% of budgeted hard construction dollars have been expended as of May 1.

Mark Moosic, the General Manager of the Hotel & Convention Center, reported that he and his team are assembling an "Arts Advisory Committee" in order to explore the idea of placing various artwork in various rooms and public areas of both the hotel and convention center.

Moosic also raised the issue of the naming of certain rooms in the Hotel & Convention Center and submitted at least nine possible names.

Committee member Julianne Dickson objected that nearly all of the names were of "dead men" and went on to suggest that Interstate Hotels & Resorts be a bit more inclusive in terms of selecting prominent names.

Dickson's surprising retort drew laughter from the committee and the few audience members.

"I can appreciate that," said a taken aback Moosic.

Authority member Laura Douglas, who is not a member of the Facilities Programming Committee, suggested that members of the marketing team be involved in the selection of names for rooms.

Authority member R.B. Campbell, also not a member of the committee, joked that rooms should be named after him.

Perhaps we should give Dale High a personal "Taxpayer Memorial Restroom."