Saturday, June 7, 2008

County May Provide Downtown Parking for employees

Groundbreaking on the northeast corner of the intersection of Queen and Chestnut Streets is expected before the end of summer, NewsLanc has learned.

Currently a parking lot that has existed over five decades in the city, the location is being developed by the Lancaster Museum of Art, Red Rose Transit Authority, and Lancaster Parking Authority. It is known as the former Empire TV parking lot, and is located across from the Brunswick Hotel.

The development is set to include a two-story addition to the museum along Queen Street, retail space along Chestnut Street, and a parking garage in the center of the lot, including over the bus station portion. Residential condominiums are also part of the development.

Lancaster County is considering leasing all 450 parking spaces available when the project is completed. Employees working at the county’s office at 150 N. Queen Street would use the spaces.