Friday, June 6, 2008

F&M Cop Orders Camera Turned Off

A review of a recorded video made by Ron Harper, Jr. clearly shows a Franklin & Marshall Public Safety Officer ordering the camera turned off at Tuesday's arrests. Sergent Edward Carroll is wearing a blue uniform shirt, and has commendation ribbons above his right pocket.

"You are done with filming right now," the Public Safety Officer said, and then grabbed for Harper’s camera.

"Are you recording my voice?" the officer asks three times.

"You better believe I am," Harper responds.

"Turn it off," the officer says. "I am telling you to turn it off."

(Accompanying photo shows Sergent Edward Carroll reaching for camera.)

The arrival of the Public Safety Officers in their marked patrol cars, with red and blue lights flashing, sirens, and screeching tires are quite noticeable in the video.

NewsLanc questions why any law enforcement officer would not want their actions video-recorded, as documenting any incident protects both the officer and the citizens. Unless, of course, there is some sinister reason to want the recording turned off. That reason may be evidenced by the following bump and abrasion on Ron Harper, Jr.'s right forehead.