Friday, June 6, 2008

F & M Security Had Missing Lancaster Post Box

NewsLanc has learned that the red Lancaster Post distribution box that was missing from the corner of Marietta and School Lane since Monday had been in the custody of Franklin and Marshall Security Officers since Monday and stored at their facility.

F & M Security dropped off the box, still containing a Lancaster Post tabloid, on the doorstep of Clymer & Musser, attorneys for the Post.

The stated purpose of Ron Harper, Jr. being on the public Right-Of-Way in front of F & M's president John Fry's residence was to chain a replacement box to a pole that happened to be on that corner of the Marietta Avenue and School Lane Road.

The report NewsLanc received was that F & M Security stated they found the box on N. School Lane Road on Monday. Presumably they did not "find" the box where it had been set on School Lane Road a few days earlier by the Post.

NewsLanc can only wonder why F & M Security waited from Monday to Friday to let the Post know they were holding the box.