Wednesday, September 10, 2008

County completes $35,000 audit of Human Resources Department

In order to maximize efficiency within county government, the Board of Commissioners recently hired the Stevens & Lee affiliate "Financial Solutions, LLC" to complete an audit of the county's Department of Human Resources.

At Wednesday's Commissioners meeting, Timothea Kirchner, representing the audit committee, gave a summary of her findings and recommendations.

Among the audit committee's findings were that the department is too bureaucratic, too reactive rather than proactive, that policy manuals are inadequate, that information is scattered rather than streamlined, that hiring procedures are unnecessarily complex, and that there is a lack of adequate staffing.

Only in response to questioning from NewsLanc did the Commissioners tell the public how much had been spent on the audit - roughly $35,000.

The Commissioners indicated that the application period for a new Director of Human Resources ends on Friday and that they anticipate that the next step in the process will be working with the selected individual to address the findings of the audit.