Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Design Costs for Amtrak Station Increase by $20,000

One item quietly introduced during Tuesday's worksession, which will appear before the County Commissioners for approval Wednesday, is $20,000 in additional costs for the "design phase" of the Lancaster Amtrak Station renovations.

James Cowhey, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission, said that the need for additional funding was not entirely unforeseen but not planned for and budgeted either.

He said that the cost is reflective of the amount of time that planners have spent on design work.

The $20,000 is exclusively Lancaster County money from the general fund.

This brings the total County contribution to the design phase of the project to $150,603. The total cost of the renovations to the station are expected to total roughly $12 million.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for the end of the year, with construction expected to begin in January or February, according to Cowhey.

NewsLanc will seek further clarification as to why it is taking planners longer than expected, costing County taxpayers more money.