Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NewsLanc asks Commissioners not to purchase unnecessary additional electronic voting machines

NewsLanc strongly advised the County Commissioners, Tuesday, to refrain from purchasing any more electronic voting machines than might be necessary to accomodate disabled persons.

Publisher Robert Field told the Commissioners, "This is not a liberal or conservative issue."

"Fotune magazine, the New York Times, scores of prestigious think tanks and organizations have railed about the dangers of voting machines without the ability to verify the actual votes," he continued.

"If there is no place recorded that someone cast a ballot for A rather than B or C, then if the machine malfunctions or if there's any question as to the integrity of the machine, there's no way of finding out how people actually voted."

Field went on to reference recent Presidential elections in which there were significant disparities between exit polls and electronic machine vote counts in a number of hotly disputed precincts.

Readers can find a letter from Marybeth Kuznik, Executive Director VotePA, Statewide Alliance for Voting Rights and Election Integrity, echoing NewsLanc's concerns at http://newslancpa.blogspot.com/2008/09/election-expert-says-commissioners.html