Friday, September 5, 2008

Lancaster Newspapers silent on hiring practices

On August 23, NewsLanc sent the following request to the editors-in-chief of the Intelligencer Journal, the New Era, and the Sunday News along with a list of their news staff as presented on each newspaper's web page:

"We have received persistent complaints that the LNP does not engage a significant number of Latinos on its staff.

"Below is your published list of staff members. Kindly indicate who, if any, are of Latino origins.

"Also please note who, if any, speak both English and Spanish.

"Your comments on the matter and your plans for future hiring will also be welcome."

Not having received any response, we are simply making note of NewsLanc's requests.

An earlier, less formal inquiry of the Sunday News, brought an assurance that there were people of Hispanic background on staff .