Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LETTER :"Let the Philadelphia Inquirer know what we think"

"We've been working for many years to get this kind of publicity from a large news organization. Even though the hotel and convention center project is nearing completion, the facts have finally got the kind of attention that they really deserve.

"What we have here is a cautionary tale: if taxpayer dollars can be so easily
manipulated for private and special interest gain in a town like Lancaster, PA, it can happen again anywhere else. It could happen again right here; with a streetcar project that seems unstoppable, and a performing arts center project that appears to be much further along than has been publicly acknowledged, it may very well be happening here again right now.

"I believe we need to let the Philadelphia Inquirer know what we think about this article. Whether any of us agree or disagree with what was published, the fact remains that millions of people now know what has happened here in Lancaster who did not know before. We need to encourage this kind of coverage of the issues, especially since so many State taxpayer dollars from all across Pennsylvania are right now being spent on these projects, and on related issues like 'streetscape improvements' and surveillance cameras.

"It is particularly important that we encourage this kind of reporting, since the local media (including the local television station) reports the news the way they want the people of Lancaster City and County to believe. And the sad truth is, most people who live in Lancaster City and County do believe what they read in the newspapers and see on television...

"Please consider contacting the Philadelphia Inquirer with your comments and
encouragement. The attached article lists Linda Loyd as the author, along with phone number 215-854-2831 and email address"