Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't just blame the Intell

Those of us who watched C-Span or listened to C-SPAN Radio yesterday afternoon heard some very interesting suggestions from House Republicans on ways to reduce or avoid the $700 billion "Bail Out", now euphemistically renamed the "Rescue Plan". One suggestion was to restore the transaction tax on the sale of securities so that much of the cost would be borne by those dealing in securities.

But not a word of these important suggestions could be found in the Intelligencer Journal Wednesday morning.

In its defense, a sampling of the web sites of the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Bloomberg News late Tuesday evening also found no mention. It is as though journalists and editors cannot hold two ideas in their minds at the same time.

We do not endorse the minority recommendations, about which we only heard snatches between chores. But it suggests great failure on the part of all media for not at least giving the public an opportunity to be exposed to alternative points of view, especially with so much of its money and future at stake.

We have learned late in life that if we don't watch or listen to C-SPAN, we really don't know what is taking place.