Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Latino Fest has great potential

A writer complained to NewsLanc that the Lancaster Newspapers had ignored the Latino Fest until after the fact. So we researched the matter and learned the following from Diana Hurlburt, the Events Coordinator the Puerto Rican Committee of Lancaster:

- The Puerto Rican Committee of Lancaster organized the parade and Latino Fest.

- No actual news release was sent out.

- Lancaster Newspapers was aware of the event ahead of time and a reporter from the Sunday News contacted her in advance of the September 21st issue for a possible interview.

- She understands that the interview was called off and the reporter placed on another assignment.

- To her knowledge, no article appeared in the Lancaster Newspapers prior to Saturday's festivities

There are over 30,000 Latinos in our county with the vast majority living in Lancaster. Also the Fest is likely to draw considerable audience and patronage from the rest of the 470,000 county population.

Nothing could be done about the rain which dampened activities. But hopefully next year the promoters will send out press releases two weeks before the event and again three days before the event. We feel confident that the Lancaster Newspapers and possibly the TV media would gladly cooperate in its promotion. NewsLanc certainly will.

Over the years, this could become a major Lancaster downtown attraction.