Monday, November 24, 2008

CC Marketing Director Clarifies "90 commitments" reported in Sunday News

It was written on page D-2 of the November 23 Sunday News under "Briefly Noted" that "Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the company managing the center and the adjoining Marriott Lancaster at Penn Square hotel, said it has more than 90 commitments for conventions, meetings and other functions at the new center."

A NewsLanc reader brought the passage to our attention with the observation that the number of booked events for the Convention Center is far less than 90.

Asked for clarification today, Josh Nowak, an employee of Interstate Hotels & Resorts, and Director of Marketing for the Lancaster County Convention Center noted that the article references a November 20 press release issued jointly by the LCCCA and Penn Square Partners.

What the release actually says is, "Interest in utilizing the complex is strong. More than 90 commitments have been made to date for conventions, meetings, and other functions at the facility, according to Josh Nowak..."

Nowak explained that the 90 commitments is for the complex as a whole, which includes the use of hotel space.

He went on to deny the suggestion that Interstate Hotels & Resorts tries to steer meeting planners towards the hotel, saying bookings are "customer-driven" and that some planners prefer hotel space because they want to avoid the rental fees associated with the Convention Center rooms.