Monday, November 24, 2008

Christian Street vacated at Convention Center

In response to questions raised in letters concerning Christian Street and the purpose of the concrete construction at the end of the block, NewsLanc inquired as follow of Tom Smithgall, Project Manager employed by the High Group: "Did Lancaster City abandon or cede a portion of Christian Street to the LCCCA or project developers? What is the exact nature of that relationship? And what's the story with the gate?"

Smithgall responded "The street was vacated (and therefore closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic) by the City from Vine to Mifflin. What is being constructed is the support for the gate that will be installed...The gate will generally be closed, opening for deliveries to the LCCCA and Marriott Hotel only. Needless so say, this portion of the street/alley will be busy with trucks. From Mifflin to King, the street is still a public thoroughfare."

According to Paula Jackson, Chief Planner, City of Lancaster: "Ordinance No. 10-2003, [was] adopted by Council on 9/9/03. This ordinance vacates a portion of S. Christian Street between East Vine Street and East Mifflin Street."