Monday, March 30, 2009

EDITORIAL: SD of L soccer off to disasterous start

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer at McCaskey has scored one goal to the opponents 18 while losing their first three games of the season. The Varsity has also lost all three games by lopsided scores.

It's all about lack of training of coaches and, despite over a year of prodding and offers from outside the District to subsidize the instruction of coaches, Superintendent Pedro Rivera and more recently Athletic Director Jon Mitchell aren't doing a thing about it.

Next we will hear whining about how these kids are not motivated. Bull! The ably coached track team wins more than its share of metes. So can the other teams successfully compete when coaches learn how to conduct meaningful practices.

The good intentions of coaches are not enough. Teachers and coaches need to know how to teach their subjects! And Rivera and Mitchell need to know how to manage.