Monday, March 30, 2009

No lingering under Marriott portico

A NewsLanc reader, viewing the Marriott Hotel canopy being constructed in front of the Watt & Shand facadel, inquired "When one drives up to check in, what happens with the traffic?"

We asked Tom Smithgall of High Associates: "How many lanes are there for the traffic under the portico."

He replied "About 2 lanes." Hmm.

We asked "Is there room for cars to park for a few minutes while the driver registers without obstructing curb side registration?"

Smithgall replied: "This will be an operational issue for the staff at Interstate Hotels & Resorts to manage, but the idea is for people to arrive, remove their luggage and to choose to valet or not. As you can see, and is the case in some urban hotels, the area is not for lingering as there may be many others coming at the same time. The valet service and the staff are to make this as seamless and inviting as possible for the guests."